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Student Newspaper "The Maroon" Gives Voice to Every Student

“The Maroon” is published online roughly once a month (with semi-periodic print editions) thanks to the hard work and dedication of the 25 to 30 students who serve as its journalists, photographers, and/or editors. Topics covered by the newspaper range from school sports, clubs, and student profiles, to local cultural events, world politics, and social justice issues. Stories have covered the environmental impact of Chromebooks, preferred Advanced Placement courses, masking during COVID-19, and the future of Ticketmaster. A recent story featured interviews with students attending school in East Palestine, Ohio–the site of a catastrophic train derailment.

“One of the most important missions is to give a voice to every student,” explained Co Editor-in Chief Julia Demskie, a Grade 12 student. Contributing Writer Trey Nitzka, Grade 11, creates videos to promote “The Maroon” and shares editorial content with NPZ TV to attract more writers and draw additional readers.

Club Advisor Joel Neden said he meets with Julia and her fellow co editor-in-chief, Grade 12 student Lindsey Clinton, who then work with the editorial staff to create story lists for writers to choose from. The group peer-edits each other’s work. Grade 11 Writer Parker Reed appreciates the investigative aspects of her work for the newspaper, and likes having a platform to share what she observes. “It opens the world; there is so much you don’t even know,” she said. “I get to know the world differently and see through this new lens.”

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