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Reading Across Grades

The Grade 3 class of Joanna Wilcox and Linda Sinforoso spent some time connecting over print and pictures with students in Melissa Feldmann and Jenna Russolello’s Grade 5 class recently. After visiting the school’s library media center where they chose from books suggested by Library Media teacher MaryAnn Lis-Simmons, the Grade 5 students wrote letters to the younger class through the school’s internal mail system to introduce themselves and let them know which books they would be reading. Once they got together, the older students read books to the Grade 3 class and had them draw their favorite scenes. The Grade 3 students are planning to respond to the older students through the internal mail system soon. The teachers are hopeful that the activity will encourage students to develop a connection with one another. Wilcox pointed out that the exercise posits the older students to serve as mentors for the younger ones, and is also a great opportunity for them to fortify their reading skills by reading the same book over and over while rehearsing for the activity. What a great learning experience for all!