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Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado Meets With the PIGLETS

The Participation in Government, Literature and Economics for Today’s Students class (known as PIGLETS), was proud to host Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado at the high school earlier this week. Delgado shared his journey from his upbringing in Schenectady, to his experiences as a student, career as a hip-hop artist, position in Washington D.C. as a United States congressman, and his current role as lieutenant governor of New York State. Delgado spoke passionately about what it means to be a leader. “True leadership requires having an open mind and being forgiving.” He also emphasized the importance of active listening to help “find common ground.” When asked what advice he has for students considering college he responded, “Explore and learn, swing for the fences, and don’t be afraid to fail.” Delgado encouraged students to find their true path, be present in their lives, work together, and get involved, noting that “no action is too small.”