Start of the 2021-2022 Season

Posted   10/20/21

Nordic skiing will begin November 15th.     Please see the section regarding rental of ski equipment (#4).                                                              

Welcome to the Nordic Ski Family

1. I will relay most information via Final Forms email and the Nordic Webpage. I do not use the Remind App so you may want to link to Final Forms to your phone.  


2. School email:

      Home email:


3. How to access the webpage;

-Go to New Paltz Webpage then to High School

-Look under Quick Links for Coaches’ page

-When you open you should see announcements but also look at the links for clothing, equipment etc.


 4. You can get your skis before November 25th or after November 30th at Rock and Snow. Do not go from November 25th to November 28th. The package cost $165 and it includes skis, 2 sets of poles, 2 sets of road ferrules, and your boots. You do need the boots to start roller skiing.  If money is a problem, see me (Coach Gregory).  


5. Practice is generally 2:50 to 4:55. We spend most of the time outside -so have clothes for this. Sometimes we take a bus off campus. When this occurs, the bus leaves at 2:30 and it will return for the late run. There may be times on snow we will not make it back for the late run.  You will know ahead of time when we go off campus so try to stay other times for your teachers.