What is a Lit Log?

       A lit log is a personal response to a prompt, question or a topic. A lit log is at least seven sentences, in other words, it is a complete paragraph. A paragraph contains a topic sentence (RESTATE the topic/question/prompt), supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.  The content of the paragraph is based on you (or someone you know), your experiences, and thoughts.


    Other Lit Log Info

    • Put it in the  LIT LOG section of your notebook.
    • Write the topic, date, and your name at the top of each page. Include an MLA Heading.
    • You can type it, but make sure you print it, hole punch it, and put it in LIT LOG section of your notebook before class.


    Topic/Question Sample: 
     "Write about an ocean incident you have experienced."

    Sample Response:

                  When I was a kid, my family frequently took ocean vacations and one experience particularly stands out. It happened to us on our first of many trips to Virginia Beach. I was about eleven years old, and my mom and I polished our toenails red.  Whenever we went into the ocean, which was often, we noticed that there were a lot of crabs right near our feet. It was pretty annoying and we started to get a little paranoid about going into the water. Well, by chance, my dad was taking my brother fishing and had to stop by the bait shop first.  It turns out that the bait crabs like is the blood worm. Yes, they're red.  Yes, we changed the color of our toenail polish! Lesson learned about red toes in the ocean near Virginia Beach.

    Pictures are not required, but here's one just for FUN!
    Blood worms, indeed!
Last Modified on September 21, 2022