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    This might be the most important page you visit for English 7!
    All the information you need to be successful at your
    Independent Reading Projects is right HERE.
    Let your high achievement begin NOW!

    Each quarter you must:

    • Read TWO teacher-approved books. 

    • Complete ONE Independent Reading Project from the following list: Project Ideas.

    • Complete ONE book note form for the other book.  Be sure to use the proper form. NOTE: all questions must be answered in COMPLETE sentences.

    *Throughout the course of 7th grade English, you must read two non-fiction titles.  That means 2 of the 8 texts need to be informational or some sort of biography. 


    *If your IR book has been made into a movie, please include this completed handout.


    *Once you get your books approved, you have about two weeks to change your mind.  Any changes to your plan must be approved.  See me!


    *As mentioned, a list of project ideas will be provided (above).  You can come up with your own idea, but it must be approved.  Most projects will also require an additional 3-paragraph writing piece.  Check out this Sample Essay Basically, please note the breakdown of the paragraphs:

    • Paragraph 1 - Book summary
    • Paragraph 2 - Project summary and explanation
    • Paragraph 3 - Recommendation and two themes with explanations 

    The picture below is the fantastic project that the essay is based upon. Check it out!



    Here are two organizers if you would like some help writing and structuring the essay:

    Graphic Organizer - Fiction

    Graphic Organizer - Non-Fiction


    Suggestions for a successful IR experience:


    - Read early!  Pace your reading and spread it out throughout the quarter. Do not wait until the last minute. Ask Rosen (or whomever) to CHUNK your book.


    - Determine which of your two books per quarter will make a better project.  Some books just work better! Do the Book Note for the other book. Here is a visual which might be helpful.


    - Type your written piece! Size 12, double-spaced, normal font.  Not only will you benefit from the editing tools, but it will look neater and more professional. Include an MLA heading.


    - ***Avoid using images from movie/show versions of the books***. Be creative - draw or find unique images. 

    If you would like to print out the basics of the above information, here it is: Basic IR Information.
    Here are the Performance Standards / Rubrics if you would like to know how this work will be graded. This is a significant grade each quarter. Please do your best!!
    Writing a letter to the author has been a very popular project choice. You are expected to use a proper Business Letter Format. Find your author's address (or the address of his or her publishing company) online, or see me for help. Your letter should include several paragraphs. Include what you liked about the book. What parts of the book bothered you? Can you relate parts of the book to your own life or another book you've read? Lastly, ask the author some good questions and ask him or her to write back to you. If your author does, you can receive 5 extra points on your project grade. Here is a Sample Letter that a student wrote. Use it as a model. Also, here is an Author Letter Graphic Organizer that you are encouraged to use, as well!
    Lastly, Due Dates are awfully important! Please hand all work in on time (or even in advance).
    And now for the fun part... sample projects. If you have any questions about these, please ask. Remember that an essay accompanied almost all of them.
    Here are a few dioramas: 
    g     vdfg
    tstert    yt
    Ms. Grey made this diorama for me a bunch of years ago. Isn't it good? It was based on Number the Stars.
    This is a particularly impressive diorama based on a book about Native Americans: 
    gbfgb    dfsdgg
    Here are a bunch of movie posters:
    asdff    fgdfgfd   dfgdfgg   kljh   fgh   gj
    Here is an artistic project that doesn't fall into a particular category: 
    These are projects that represent important objects from each book:
    yuryt    hjyuj   yur
    This object project was based on the book The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    dfgdf    gsrty   uiy
    Here are two books represented by Monopoly board games: 
    oi    jyu
    ***THIS is a stop motion video made by Jimin about Ray Bradbury's science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451, where future firefighters start fires to burn books, not put them out. AMAZING! It took Jimin 108 photos to make his creation.
    Lastly, here are two very different collages: 
    tr    fg
    I think that's it! I hope you have no questions about IR after making it all the way down to here! If you do- ask me in class or e-mail me right now. Have fun with this project. Creativity- YEAH!!




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