• Interdisciplinary Units--Grades K - 2

    Teachers from Duzine Elementary have been collaborating to design units of study which connect ideas and learning across disciplines.  These units of study have been implemented over the past three years.  Finalized curriculum units will be published to the District website during the summer and fall of 2017.

    Multi-sensory Reading Strategies Professional Development

    This year a cadre of teachers have been meeting monthly to learn more about multi-sensory strategies for teaching reading.  While our District embraces a Balanced Literacy approach to learning reading and writing, these multi-sensory strategies will provide teachers with the skills to reach students who have unique learning needs in terms of acquiring reading and writing skills.  As teachers have been implementing these strategies this year, feedback from teachers has been very positive.  Teachers note that targeted students have increased reading levels appreciably. 

    A Thinking Curriculum 

    Teachers at Lenape Elementary are collaborating to refine the 3 - 5 curriculum.  While the approach is interdisciplinary, the major focus is on moving learning to a conceptual level.  Teachers are carefully identifying important social phenomena as the organizing center for the grade level curricula.
    Examples of these organizing centers include:  
    • How does where you live affect how you live?
    • Does conflict cause change or does change cause conflict?
    • How can individuals make a difference?