• 2010-2011 Budget Documents

    Vote Results

    Budget: $48.8 million
    Yes 1354  (59%)
    No 959  (41%)
    Proposition: Purchase seven buses and a maintenance vehicle
    Yes 1,030  (45%)
    No 1,237  (55%)
    School board (2 seats, 3-year terms)
    Edgar Rodriguez 984
    Robert Rich 980
    Dominick Profaci 932
    Julliet Coxum 732
    Mary Ann Tozzi 371
    Michael S. Swigart 331

    District Budget Newsletter

    After the above newsletter was sent to the printers, the Teacher’s Union also made contract concessions to reduce expenses and allowed some of the proposed positions scheduled for elimination/reduction to be saved. First, the teachers will participate in a “No Work No Pay” plan for a September Conference Day. They have also agreed to forgo a $100 per member increased contribution to the trust fund, which is a union-managed benefits fund that provides insurances other than health (such as dental and vision). The anticipated savings of the concessions are between $90,000 and $100,000 and will allow for the restoration of a 0.4 first grade foreign language teacher, 0.2 technology teacher, 0.2 art teacher, and 0.5 for special education services (position(s) to be determined based upon student needs).

    5/10/10 Budget Presentation

    4/21/10 Budget Summary

    4/21/10 Budget Details

    4/21/10 Revenue Summary

    Supporting Documents

    2009-2010 True Property Rate Report (Mid-Hudson School Study Council)

    2009-2010 Enrollment Report (Mid-Hudson School Study Council)

    2009-2010 Cost Per Pupil Report (Mid-Hudson School Study Council)

    Enrollment Projection 2010-2019 (F.A.C.T.S.)

    K-6 Section Size Projections 2009-2012