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  • Nordic Update 1/17/21:  Nordic Proceedures


    Nordic Procedures

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  • Posted 11/25/20  12:20 pm


    Hi Everyone

    Following today's Section 9 Meeting the Orange County league will not begin winter sports until January 19th due to COVID recommendations by CDC in their areas. MHAL (our league) will plan for a start date of January 4th-but this may get extended again based on COVID concerns and recommendations in our regions. As we all know by now this is an ever changing situation.
    I would hold off on renting the skis. If it looks to be a snowy December and you want to get skis and go try it out that would be great. If you are a total beginner I would get skis with fish scales on the bottom (waxless). These are easier to try on your own. If you are a returning skier rent whatever you want. It may end up being a Skate year instead of a classic year. The reason for this is to prevent the passing around of corks and waxes.
    If you are a member of Preserve-you can get on the trails and try out skiing. You usually start from Spring Farm. If you aren't a member there would be a daily cost. Minnewaska also has a daily rate. I assume some of the skiers may be out there and maybe they will put out an email when they go.
    As coaches we can't organize anything until the season officially starts.
    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions

    Coach Ann

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  • Posted 11/16/20 at 1:00pm

    Check on the right column for the Team Jacket Order Form.  It is not a mandatory Jacket.  The cost is $107

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  • Posted   11/16/20 

    Nordic skiing is one of the sports that will be allowed to start on November 30th.  We are excited to see to see this happen.  There are details to be worked out in all sports on how it will work in our schools-but the process has started.  Please see the section regarding rental of ski equipment (#4).  There are some chages put in place this year.                                                               

     Welcome to the Nordic Ski Family

    1. I do not have everyone’s e-mail…I will get this the first day of practice or you can send it to my home email at
    2. Most everything I say in an e-mail I also put on the webpage so you can check here until you are on an e-mail list. I do not use the Remind App so you may want to link my e-mail to your phone.  Parents can be on the e-mail list.  Please try to use my home e-mail.

     My home e-mail is above.

     School e-mail:

    1. How to access the webpage;
      • Go to New Paltz Webpage then to High School
      • Look under Quick Links for Coaches’ page
      • When you open you should see announcements but also look at the links for clothing, equipment etc.

     Update 11/16/20

    1. You can get your skis before November 26th or after November 30th at Rock and Snow. Do not go from November 26th to November 30th. The package cost $165 and it includes skis, 2 sets of poles, 2 sets of road ferrules, and your boots. You do need the boots to start roller skiing.  If money is a problem, see me (Coach Gregory).  The changes this year are.  If we begin the season and part way through the Governer stops all the winter sports, Rock and Snow will give partial reimbursement if you do not wish to keep your skis and practice on your own. The policy is  Returns before December 31st will receive $100 back. Returns prior to January 31st will receive $50 back. These refunds will not be given if you just decide to stop the team.  You would have to speak with Rock and Snow on your own.
    2. Practice is generally 2:50 to 4:55. We spend most of the time outside -so have clothes for this. Sometimes we take a bus off campus. When this occurs, the bus leaves at 2:30 and it will return for the late run. There may be times on snow we will not make it back for the late run.  You will know ahead of time when we go off campus so try to stay other times for your teachers.
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Odds and Ends

  • Put your name on all of your equipment.  All equipment looks alike and people grab the wrong stuff by mistake.  It is nearly impossible to  correct this. Take a picture of the numbers on boots, poles and skis. 

    1. The below link is what the ski jacket will look like-the cost is $107.  The orders will go in on December 9th Nordic Ski Jacket Look. Remember these jackets have a 4 to 5 turn around.  With the season starting late-the season will be well under way before the jackets arrive.

     2. To change ferrules-place in hot/boiling water long enough to loosen the glue.  Try to keep as much of the glue on the poles as you can. Have your snow baskets ready to place on.  Make sure the baskets face the correct way.  If you aren't sure, compare them to the other poles you have.  Place the handgrips the same direction then you will see the direction the new baskets should go on.  If you have a glue gun at home use this to aide the grip better.


Directions to Practices Off Campus

  • Pine Road: From the High School-Take 299…turn right onto Butterville Road.  Take a left onto Pine Road.  This is a dirt road between 2 rocks.  Go to the top.

    Spring Farm: From New Paltz- 299 to Springtown.  Turn onto Springtown.  Follow signs to Mountain House. Go past the entrance to the Mountain House, under bridge, down the hill.  In the middle of the curve look for a sign that says Upper Knolls Rd.  Turn right.

    River to Ridge:  From New Paltz go down 299 to Springtown Road.  Turn right onto Springtown.  The parking lot will be down the road on the right.

    Rail Trail:  On 32N.  Going towards BOCES/Rosendale/Kingston.  You will pass My Market, Sunset Ridge (turn-off to Duzine).  BOCES will be on your left-pull into the large parking lot.

    Trapps parking lot:  Over cliff/under cliff:  299 (toward Wallkill View Farms) turn right onto 44/55-go past the visitor center- around the sharp curve-under the overpass-parking lot will be on your right.

    High Ridge Road:  Directions from the High School.  Take 299...turn onto Springtown.  Follow until Klein kiln Road (do not go towards Mohonk).  Turn left onto Klein Kiln then your first right onto High ridge.  Go to the end of the road.  Do not park on anyone's properly or block driveways.

    Tony Williams Park-Rail Trail in Highland:  Take 299 towards Highland.  Turn right onto New Paltz Road at the Hess Station.  Continue-then turn left onto S. Riverside Road.  Tony Williams is on the right.

    Climbing Ridge Road:  

    It can be accessed from Route 44-55. At the Brauhaus(end of 299) turn left then left onto Guilford Road-then left onto Guilford Schoolhouse.  At the end of Guilford Schoolhouse, turn right, then left onto Climbing Ridge.

    Or you can come in from New Paltz to Albany Post Road, right on Tall Pines Rd., to Guilford Schoolhouse, then about 1 mile, Climbing Ridge will be on your right. 

    Guillford Farm Road

    Directions:  You can get there by going to the west end of Route 299 where it meets Route 44-55. Go left on to 44-55 and after about 100 meters turn left down Guilford Road (just past the Mountain Brauhaus and Mountain Harbor Deli). Go down that big hill just about one mile to the two red barns on the right. There's no house number but there is a blue house across the street.  You can park on the grass along the fence line. 

    Outlook Farms Road

    Go to the west end of Route 299.  At Albany Post Road intersection  take a right onto Albany Post Road (if coming from New Paltz).  Take the first right onto Outlook Farm Road.  Go down about 1/4 to 1/2 mile to the first intersection.  We meet there.

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