• Seniors-Please click on the link below to begin your superlative vote.
    You will only be allowed to vote 1x and cannot enter the document
    more than one time. Please be ready to vote prior to beginning your vote.
    Please note that this form is for seniors only, other votes will not be counted.
    Also, you must logon to your school account to use the form, and will not be able
    to return to the form once you have exited. 
    Superlative are:
         Best Eyes
         Social Butterfly
         Makes Most Excuses
         Class Clown
         Best Hair
         Late to their Own Wedding
         Joined at the Hip
         Most School Spirit
         Most Musical
         Most Quiet
         Best Dressed
         Most Changed
         Most Artistic
         Most Likely to be up at 3:00am
         Biggest Flirt
         Biggest Chatterbox
         Best Smile
         Broadway Bound
         Hall Roamers
         Most Likely to be a Billionaire
         Most Athletic
         Class Rebel
         Cutest Couple

    Once votes are tallied, the winners will need tobe photographed for the yearbook.
Last Modified on February 10, 2020