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    Duzine Physical Education
    Kindergarten Through Second Grade
    Physical Education Instructor: Mr. Norcross
    *Please send your child to physical education class with sneakers.   
    KINDERGARTEN                                         FIRST GRADE                                     SECOND GRADE
    Teacher            Days                                    Teacher                  Days                      Teacher                      Days
    Bodo                 A, B, D                                 Biffar                      A, C, D                   Chiger                        B, C, D
    Burdett              C, E, F                                 Bilodeau                A, C, F                    Doherty                      B, E, F
    Lewis                A, B, D                                 King                       B, C, F                    Favale                        A, C, D
    McIntyre           C, E, F                                  Kobza                    D, E, F                    Gulitti                         B, C, E
    Profaci              B, E, F                                  Sheppard              B, D, E                    Skinner                      A, B, C
                                                                       Taliaferro               A, C, D                    Tomasetti                   A, D, E
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