New Paltz Boys Track and Field
    Stay healthy and strong- as of now,
    Indoor track will begin 20 January. Must wear a mask at all times, must have your own water bottle with your name on it- dress for cold, because we have to remain outside at all times

    Details to follow.
    ALL practices will be outdoors, so bring hats, gloves, and many layers to keep warm!!

    In the mean time...
    Everyone, every day:  sidelines, stretch before event specific workout; ten minute cool down jog after workout... and don't forget to do core after.  Pushups! Alphabets! make those shins
    impervious to impact :)!
    Note:  the rail trail is marked every half mile

    For weekly maintenance-


    Monday - 30 min easy run

    Tuesday- threshold run: 10 min warm up, 3 min fast/2 mins easy for 30 mins, 10 min cool down

    Wednesday - 30 min easy run

    Thursday - 35-45 tempo run

    Friday - cross train (bike, swim, etc)

    Saturday - 55-70 minute long run easy pace

    Monday- 6x500 fast, heart rate under 140 between
    Tuesday- 8x200 at 400 pace with equal jog recovery
    Wednesday- 400/800/400/800 race pace with full recovery
    Thursday- 300-500-700-500-300 run at 85% equal recovery jog
    Friday- 6x400 sit kicks
    Saturday- time trials of four races you normally do
    Throwers- lift, work on form and footwork.
    Do any drill you can from the daily throwers routine
    also, do jump workout below

    Those who only jump: do mid/sprints workout

    **For details about invitationals, click here-- the Milesplit calendar page**
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