•          Hurdle drills-every other day, 3x week

    Sequence and duration:



        2.  400m backward/forward jog

        3.    3x20m toe touches

        4.     Hurdle seat rollover (on grass)

        5.     3x marching runs (high knees hand slap)

        6.      Hurdle seat exchange (on grass)

        7.     Fence drills- lead leg into fence, trail leg drag over hurdle (all 3x10 each   side)

        8.     Hip flexors 3x10 sec. each side

        9.     4x20m hurdle skips both leads

        10.   Forward step overs, lead leg, trail leg, both (all 3x10 each leg)shake out between

        11.    Sideways stepovers-straight legs, high knee-both legs (all 3x10)

        12.   Claws, wall drives (both 3x10, each leg)

        13.   2x20m forward backward jog, 20m skip for fun

    14.   stretch

                                   Who says that’s too much fun to have in the winter?



Last Modified on October 3, 2011