Hurdlers Page
    Remember-- lead with your knee, not your toe!
    1.  Shoulders square to hurdle
    2.  Lead arm- shoulder height, read your watch
    3.  Trail arm- hand at hip
    4.  Train to hurdle with either leg as lead, especially 400 hurdlers
    5.  Lead leg-- stretch hams w/HEEL (not achilles) on top of hurdle, lower chest to knee, hold for ten, alternate legs
    6. Trail leg-- stretch groin--knee, calf and foot on top of hurdle, body perpendicular to hurdle, bend torso and touch both hands on ground, hold for ten, alternate legs
    7. Grape stompers-- set up five to ten hurdles, bottoms touching, and "A" skip sideways left and right (go in the safe direction)
    8.  Fence drills-- put a hurdle against the fence, practice lead leg into chain with toes up, leg slightly bent, trail leg on ball of foot, alternate legs
    9.  Lift overs-- put a hurdle a few feet from the fence or another hurdle (something to hold on to), stand straight up, knee slightly bent, lift leg over hurdle
    10.  Step overs, same leg and alternating, using 5 to 10 hurdles
    11.  toe/foot slap drill-- lead leg with lead arm, trail leg heel with lead  arm, every third step, while jogging (read your watch, check your wallet)
    12.  Down and backs-- set up 5 hurdles down, 5 hurdles back, with empty lane between them.  Walk, then jog, then run doing a "B" skip with lead leg, focusing on knee lead with trail leg.  Work on steps with run stage of this drill.  Remember to train both legs for lead.
    13.  The start-- 7 or 9 step approach--
    8 step approach is a good beginning; lead leg is back.   Practice going over one hurdle until comfort is achieved, then add two more.

Last Modified on March 22, 2010