• Section 9


     Dietz Stadium

    Order of Events-2014 
    JOBS:  HH flight 6, 400h flight 4
    1:00-2:15 shot      6-7:15 girls pent

    Approx Start Time


    In the 100, 100/110 high hurdles,
    and 200 the top 32 are seeded


    1:00 PM

    100/110 Pent Hurdles


    Andres          Kumar        Julian

    3000/3200 Meter

    G/B Seeded

     Tal             BZap          JFull

    110/100 Meter Hurdles

    B/G Semi

    Grant          Emile           Mateo

    100 Meter Dash

    G/B Semi

    Dom         Hunter      Steven

    400 Meter Dash

    G/B Final on Time

    Krebs         JOD            LOD

    100/110 Meter Hurdles

    G/B Final


    100 Meter Dash

    G/B Final


    800 Meter Run

    G/B Final on Time

    JFull     Matt       LOD

    2000 Meter Steeplechase

    Girls Final on Time


    3000 Meter Steeplechase

    Boys Final on Time

    Lmazz     Tal         Bravo

    400 Meter Inter. Hurdles

    G/B Final on Time

    Emile     Sergio     JOD

    200 Meter Dash

    G/B Semi

    Emile     Dom       Steven

    1500/1600 Run

    G/B Final on time

    ELaw        LMazz          JFull

    200 Meter Dash

    G/B Final


    Pent 800/1500 Run

    (30 minutes after 4th event)


    3200 Meter Relay

    G/B Final on Time

    JFull     Sergio     Matt     Lmazz


    JOD       ELaw

    400 Meter Relay

    G/B Final on Time

    Hunter Bonilla  Josh  Dom  Steven  Whitman


    1600 Meter Relay

    G/B Final on Time

    LOD         JOD        LMazz    


    Krebs          Matt         Sergio




          1 pm start

    Long Jump then

    Triple-4 juimps, no finals



    Bonilla      Skyler            Josh

    Bonilla      Gottstine        Skyler

    Pole Vault G/B


    Martin     Dylan            Cosmo

    Girls Shot then Boys


    Troy     Franco     Mateo

    Boys Disc then Girls


    Boyd     Franco     Mateo

    Girls High Jump then Boys


    Bonilla     Grant      Josh

    Pent Shot?



    Pent Long Jump?



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