• Title I Parental Involvement Annual Notice


    The Title I programs shall include input from parents of students who participate in Title I programs. To that end, a Title I Parents Advisory Committee shall be constituted by the District each year, composed primarily of members who are parents of children served by the Title I programs and projects.


    The District encourages participation by parents of students in the Title I programs in the education of their children. To that end, the District shall:


    a) Convene an annual meeting, at a convenient time, inviting all parents of participating children to attend, to inform parents of their school’s participation in Title I, its requirements and their right to be involved. The District shall explain the reasons for such participation, as well as the specific instructional objectives and methods of the program, a description and explanation of the curriculum being used, the forms of assessment used to measure student progress and expectations for student achievement.

    b) Offer opportunities for regular meetings of parents at flexible times (e.g., morning or evening) to formulate suggestions, share experiences with other parents and participate in decisions relating to the education of their children.

    c) Support parent efforts, including training, where practicable, to assist students in homework efforts and in understanding program requirements.

    d) Provide parents with their children’s individual assessment results and seek feedback from parents for improved understanding.

    e) Train parents, teachers, and principals to build a partnership between home and school and to work together effectively, including development and implementation of a school-parent compact that outlines how parents, the school staff, and students will share responsibility for improved student achievement.

    f) Involve parents in an organized, ongoing and timely way, in the planning, review and improvement of Title I programs and the policies affecting the program, particularly the parental involvement component.

    g) Respond to parents’ suggestions in a timely manner and include parent comments regarding their lack of satisfaction in the plan.

    h) Provide the necessary support, including technical assistance and coordination, to assist in planning and implementing effective parental involvement.


    The District shall assess, annually, through consultation with parents of participating students, the efficacy of the parent involvement program, particularly in terms of increasing parent participation and identifying barriers to greater parent participation, such as being economically disadvantaged, disabled, or limited English proficiency, limited literacy, or any racial or ethnic minority.


    For more information contact Michelle Martoni, Deputy Superintendent at (845) 256-4030 or see Policy 8260 – Title I Parent Involvement Policy

     Link to Policy Manual