• English Language Learners Annual Notice


    All students identified as English Language Learners will receive instruction in a stand-alone and/or integrated English as a New Language (ENL) program as per Part 154 of the Commissioner’s Regulations.


    All new entrants will be screened to determine which students are possibly English Language Learners (ELLs). The initial identification process which determines ELL status will be completed within 10 days of the student’s enrollment. The NYSITELL Assessment will be completed for each first time ELL entrant. In addition, the NYSESLAT Assessment will be completed for each ELL annually and the results will be utilized to determine the student’s continued eligibility in the English as a New Language program. 


    Annual evaluation data in the content areas will be collected on each student to measure the student’s academic progress and the need for future services. 


    English Language Learners will be provided with equal access to all school programs and services offered by the District commensurate with their age and grade level and will have equal opportunity to participate in all school

    programs and extra-curricular activities.


    All laws and regulations regarding entry screening and procedures for diagnostic evaluation and placement of ELLs with possible disabilities will be followed.  English Language Learners who are suspected of having an educational disability will be referred to the Committee on Special Education (CSE) in accordance with Part 200 and Part 154 of the Commissioner’s Regulations.


    Notification of a child’s designation as an English Language Learner and placement in an appropriate program, as well as other school related information, will be distributed to the child’s parents or to the persons in parental relation or translated into the “language and mode of preferred communication as identified.”


    Transitional services will be provided for former limited English proficient students for two years after they have reached proficiency on the NYSESLAT Assessment. For more information contact Michelle Martoni, Deputy Superintendent, at (845) 256-4030.