• English 10 

    Mrs. Denise Hoyt



    Welcome to Special Class English 10


    Throughout the school year, we will be following the 10th grade English curriculum.  We will be essentially doing the same thing as the other 10th grade classes, but in a format and at a pace that makes sense for our class.  




    We will be reading whole class novels that will be used for instruction as well as reading. Short stories, poetry and articles will be incorporated into instruction as well.



    Just like reading, we will be writing daily in class as well.  Students will be given a composition notebook that will remain in class and be used daily to generate ideas and drafts for our different writing units. It will also be used for reflection pieces on reading done in class. All writing will take place in the classroom. Learning to write well is a messy process and students should not focus on the outcome or grades.  The following is a list of genres we will be using in our writing this year:




               -Arguments (research-based)

               -Literary Analysis




    I will be grading using a total points system. 

    Participation - 20

    Classwork - 20

    Writing - 50

    Quizzes - 50



    Technology will be integrated into our class daily.  Here are just a few ways we will use it:

    • ChromeBooks- Students will use their Chromebooks or school desktops to access our Google Classroom. 
    • Review Websites (At times to reinforce ideas being taught and to practice skills we will use tools such as Castle Learning, Quizlet etc.)
    • Research Databases (These will be used throughout the school year to help prepare students for the research paper.)



    The only materials students will need for our class is a composition notebook and a pen or pencil. The majority of work is done in Google Classroom and done during school hours.


    Students will complete their writing work in school and will not be expected or asked to finish it at home. They may be asked to bring in a news article or be prepared to discuss a topic, and this can be prepared at home.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Email is the best and easiest way to get in touch with me.


    I am looking forward to a great school year!


Last Modified on October 18, 2021