Web User Directions

  • Incoming faxes will be delivered to the email addresses of those designated to receive them for each district fax number. They can then be forwarded to the appropriate person or printed for them. Designated staff members have access to send faxes via the RightFax web platform. 

    Web User Directions

Sending a Fax From a Copy Machine

  • Sending a Fax From a Copy Machine

    All staff are able to send faxes from the following copy machines: 

    District Office - PPS Copy Room

    District Office - Superintendent's Office

    High School - Career Center

    High School - Guidance

    High School - Main Office

    High School - RM204

    Transportation and Facilities

    Middle School - Copy Room 1st Unit

    Middle School - Copy Room 2nd Unit

    Middle School - Guidance

    Duzine - Teachers Lounge

    Duzine - Main Office

    Lenape - 1st Floor Copy Room

    Lenape - 2nd Floor Copy Room

Last Modified on February 15, 2023