Printers and Copy Machines

    Printing:  Most computers are able to print to more than one printer. Printers are named by room location. For example, HLib-8150 would be in the library.  H210-hp2300 would be in Room 210.  Some rooms have more than one printer.  Please select the copy machine (Copier on PAPERCUT) whenever possible. Do not make class sets on the printers. Print in color only when it is educationally necessary (i.e. a graph or chart that is not understandable when printed in black and white).

    Signing in to the Copier: Sign in to the copier using your school email address and password. To simplify the process, link your ID badge to the copier by following these directions: Linking your ID badge to the copier 

    Printing to the Copy Machine: Select Copier on PAPERCUT as your printer. To staple, click on Printer Properties and go to the Finishing tab. Your job will not be printed until you release it at the copy machine. To retrieve the print job from the copier: go to APP, select Print, then select the print job and click Print. 

Last Modified on February 6, 2023