• Senior Portraits                  Deadline 11/1
     Still don't have your proofs...call 1800 736-4775
    Senior Portraits are complete by Lifetouch Studios.  Once you have
    selected your portrait, you need to check the pose that you would like to be in
    the yearbook.  This is done on-line.  Lifetouch will make certain the yearbook
    gets those photos.
    Studios other than Lifetouch are absolutely fine to use.  However, now it is your
    responsibility to be certain that the yearbook gets your picture by the deadline.
    All images must be in .jpeg format and 300 dpi minimum. 
    Poses must be professional in nature and be from the waist up.  No inappropriate
    attire please.  Photos submitted to the yearbook must be at least 300 dpi and in a .jpeg
    format.  We cannot process .png formatted images.  This 
    ensures that your image is the best it can be.
    Please be certain that your name is spelled how you would like to see it in the yearbook.
Last Modified on September 25, 2019