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    2,000 tutorials primarily focused on math and science

    iTunes U

    Content on iTunes U is accessible through iTunes. (NOTE: You need an iTunes account and the program needs to be on the computer. To date, iTunes is not on school computers for technical reasons.)


    The world's first and only computational knowledge engine. Enter your question or calculation, and it uses its computational power and ever growing collection of knowledge to compute the answer.
    Offers multimedia lessons and course materials to help you with your homework and studies.
    New Paltz High School library website


    Useful for information literacy. Allows you to see who actually owns the domain of a website.

    To search for websites from specific countries – (need country code, see next resource)

    Example for UK: In Google search bar, type: site:uk then keyword

    Only school websites site: sc:uk Only government sites: gov:uk


    Look up internet country codes





Last Modified on April 6, 2011