• Know What’s Happening at the High School:

    • Access information from our website
    • Watch our announcements on NPZ from our home page
    • Sign up (through Parent Portal) for paperless reports


    Using Your Child’s District Website Account

    In the upper right-hand corner of our website, you will notice a “SIGN IN” button.

    Some teachers may choose to make their pages visible only to students. Your child’s computer username and password may be used to access all applicable information posted by their teachers that may not be available to the general public. 


    Parent Portal

    Parents and students can access grades, assignment information, and attendance through Parent Portal. Access the  Parent Portal using the shortcut on the district webpage for information on creating an account. Students can access the portal by logging in with their computer username and password. For help, contact Cheri Pettus at 256-4060.