• You want to show a video, assign a “do now” activity, etc. on your projected screen and take attendance at the same time:

    If you’re like most teachers, you like to take attendance at the beginning of class. However, you may also want to assign something for your students to complete as they settle down in their seats. There is a way to do both. If you hit the Windows Key and the letter P on your keyboard (at the same time), you will be given this menu:
    connect to projector  
    Select the option “Extend.” By doing this you have extended your computer screen to include the projected screen, instead of just duplicating the image. Once you select “Extend” you’re projected screen will appear blank.
    Now any window that you drag off your computer screen to the right will appear on your projected screen. Bring up your Word, PowerPoint, YouTube video, etc., drag it off to the right, and you will still have access to your computer screen and no one will be able to see you taking attendance or checking email. Note: If you have an interactive board, the extended screen will no longer be interactive until you change the mode back to “Duplicate.” If you share a room with another teacher, please remember to set the projected image back to “Duplicate” before leaving the classroom.

    Another method to show something on the board for your students and still use your computer for private use is to utilize the “Freeze” button on the projector remote. Find the document that you would like the students to view and hit the freeze button on the remote. Whatever is currently displayed on the projected screen will be frozen which means that anything that you do on your computer screen will not be seen by the students. When you are done, hit the freeze button again on the remote and the screen will unfreeze and show whatever is on your computer monitor.


Last Modified on February 7, 2023