• Polishing off the 19th century

    Groups/topics/method or media:
    Yesenya, Pilar, Gia-Elements of Nationalism- Italy, Germany, Serbia Croatioa, Bohemia, Slovakia, Poland- Art exhibit

    Ryan, Sam, Will-English Imperialism- interviews

    Fin, Lauren, Caitlin- France After Napoleon II...including imperialism, Dreyfus etc- Documentary

    Abbie, Maya, Levi- Victorian England- Interview/documentary

    Alana, Maddie, Mahmuda- Russia after 1868... pan slavism, etc- Soap opera/reality tv

    Zaky, Jay, Jaden, Julian- Tehroies and intellectual revolutions...
    Freud Darwin, Einstein, pavlov, Nietzsche, Ranke, etc- interview

    Alexi, Evan, Elon- German, Italian, Belgian Imperialism- video to be determined

    1.  Must create a list of group members responsibilitites- all must be involved in research.  This is Due 1 March

    2.  Must use and document primary sources

    3.  Must create a list of key terms that go in the order of the presentation

    4.  Presentation must account for SERP, answer the English words, tell the story, and be commensurate with your formidable skills

    5.  Must include a group generated, meaningful quiz- multiple choice, scratch and sniff, or fill in

    6.  Presentation day will be 9 March 2018

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