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Here it is, the 2018 AP Euro Final task... really.

  • Here is the task!

    1.  Must be appropriate for school

    2.  choose a topic that intrests you and pursue it- find the truth, tell the story

    3.  Beware- it must have a beginning, middle, and end

    4.  About 3, dont go over 6 pages (of text)

    5.  Cite the sources- MLA style: paranthetical notation

    3.5  Include those intresting tid-bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12 point print

    Arial, times new roman font

    double space

    hit return ONCE to end paragraph; indent 5 spaces tp begin paragraph

    1 Space after , - ;

    2 space after . ? !

    m vs. n spacing

    example: hi!mI'nMayanvs. hi!  I'm Maya


Last Modified on June 5, 2018