• Researching Juvenile Eels on the Hudson River

    A group of New Paltz High School biology students, with the help of Mr. Thibodeau, have been participating in a Department of Environmental Conservation study of eels on the Hudson River.  Each Thursday afternoon since the beginning of April the group of students have climbed on a small school bus and traveled to the Black Creek, a small tributary to the Hudson River, in Port Ewen. 
    The students are counting the American eel (Anguilla rostrata).  This is a migratory fish that is born in the Atlantic Ocean, most likely in the Caribbean, and enters estuaries like the Hudson River as tiny “glass eels” each spring.  The species is declining and the DEC is conducting a baseline study to help determine further management techniques.  The students, with the supervision of DEC biologist, collect the glass eels using nets and trap devices.  The juvenile fish are counted, weighed, and then released a short distance upstream.  Students are also collecting other data such as; water and air temperature, and if the tide is ebbing or flowing. 

    They students have shown a high level of commitment following through on this two month study while also gaining some valuable knowledge and experience of field biology.  Their collaborative effort has allowed them to gain confidence and build new friendships.  They are looking forward to joining the DEC and other students next year for further research.


Last Modified on May 25, 2010