Antebellum Era Feature Film trailer Assignment (It's about the past in the future)
    AP US History
    assigned:  23/24 October 2019
    due:  7/8 November 2019
    Topics: (don't use the topic names as the titles of your feature films)
    1. Rural and frontier life, yeoman farmers vs. Plantation Life--
    2. Factories...Lowell, Cincinnati, urbanization--
    3. Religious Revival Again--
    4. Reform and Utopianism--Reed, Matthias
    5. Specifically Women's Rights--
    6. Abolitionism, The Peculiar Institution, Forms of resistance, Freedom--

    7. Building stuff like canals and railroads and wires...technology-- 
    Become an expert regarding the topic you  have chosen, write, produce, and direct several full length feature films that become  instant cult classics (I italicized it so you'd see that you have to make several full length feature films), and then...

    Based upon the feature films you have created, prepare theatrical trailers- previews- for each of the feature films you have created.
    So- you create previews that will induce audiences to not only burn with desire to see the films, but also feel as though they know everything the films are about after seeing the previews.
    Make a list of important people, places/events, and ideas/concepts that are key to your topic, sketch an outline of several stories to tell- what are the big ideas- and then plan your "clips" that will be strung together to make the previews. 
    Each of your classmates is to be provided with this list, so be sure it is in the proper order. 
    The list will serve as a note taking guide. 
    Previews (combined running length of all) should be about but cannot be more than... 10 minutes long. 
    ENSURE that you work is playable BEFORE the due date.  Sorry for yelling there, I just don't want you to miss what it says.  I don't even like to capitalize the first word in a sentence, much less all the letters in a word.

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