• Interview project-- examining the social fabric.
    Assigned:  16/17 May 2016
    Due:  6/7 June 2016
    You are going to be collecting primary source data from people who remember the 50's, 60's, 70's 80's, 90's and 00's.  You will be video taping interviews, then editing them for presentation to your colleagues.  In your final product you will need to provide images (like a PBS or history channel documentary). The goal is to stimulate the memories of people regarding historic events spanning 6 decades of US History so we can learn from those recollections.  Consider the six keys...
    To prepare, you need to come up with 10 choices for "starting points-" and as we discussed in class, once your subject(s) are talking, let them go-- sometimes the digressions will reveal the most interesting information.
    When you have concluded your data collection you will need to edit; final output must not exceed 15 minutes.  Really!
    After editing, you will need to fact check-- not all details of a person's memory will be accurate, and we don't want to plant erroneous information in our brains. You can handles this with captions, for example.
    Next class , you will need to share your list (10) with me for feedback; final output is due 6/7 June.

    Why do you have so much time to do this assignment?   Plan, gather data, organize and edit so that you have a work of excellence.
    Hopefully you will see some relatives over the break- this is a nice way to spend time with family!
    50's- Ilaysha Marc Mike SG//Alyssa,Steph,Jamie//Rico Jacob Chris Moshe Mitchell
    60's- Dana Danielle Neve Kelly//Emily, Brennan, Alex//Gillian Ann Lea Caroline
    70's- Blake Nora Shannon//Otto, Aaron,Adam//Nick Mikal Grace Ashley
    80's- Sean Dan Ian Nate//Vince, Pat, Bailey//Owen Logan Dylan Dongwook
    90's- Nick Chris QD//Anthony,Sam, Josh//Kaela Rebecca Lauren Kaitlin
    00's-  PJ Thanasi Lorenzo Ethan//Lauren, Kat, Willa, Giovanna//Klaire Carla Adriana Seamus
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