Economics Course Outline                      Spring 2020           Mr. Bartlett



    Economics is a required, senior level, semester long course.   Since the class is completed in so short a period of time, attendance is especially important for student success.  The intent of the course is to introduce students to the various elements which are at work in our economy, establish a historical basis for our current system, and to examine alternative economic systems which exist or have been proposed.  The course concludes with a focus on consumer  economics and personal finance.  The reliance on current events and documentary history ensures a smooth alignment with the common core curriculum.

    Long term projects

    Each student will be involved in four long-term assignments during the semester.  Two will be completed during the first ten weeks, the other two during the second ten weeks.  These assignments account for approximately forty percent of the quarterly grade, and as a result are especially important for student success.  The assignments include:


                            1.  A business project focused upon entrepreneurial enterprise

                            2.  A research paper which examines an economic theory

       3.  A research paper which assesses a region or state’s economic viability

                            4.  A research paper which details attainment of a specific career goal


    Method of Instruction

    This course is based upon interaction between students as they complete various assignments.  The goal is to present students with tasks that require them to employ a variety of problem solving techniques and to share their results with their classmates.  There will be group activities, individual presentations, class discussions, lectures/note taking, and simulations of economic situations and economic models.


    Classroom rules

    This is a senior level course and appropriate behavior is expected.
    Fire Drills, Evacuations, Assemblies:
    If there is a drill, we go left, down the hall, out the front doors and meet as a group.  If uncertain, stay together and find me.
    When there is an assembly, sit together as a class.  I must take attendance in all of these instances.


    Miscellaneous: My schedule is listed below.  If you ever need extra help, have questions, etc, come find me.  I am usually in the building from 7:25 am til 4 pm until the end of swim season- then I am here in room 106 til 2:45 (when track starts).  My email is dbartlett@newpaltz.k12.ny.us.  I check it often.  You can also contact me by voice mail.  Dial 256-4000; enter 69503 when prompted.

    Period: A Days:                           B Days:

    1/2     Econ                                 Prep rm 106                    

    3/4     AP US rm 106                  Study hall cafeteria

    5/6     Prep                                  Econ Room 106

    7/8     AP US rm 106                  AP US rm 106



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