• Human Rights- Research Task 2- individual presentations
    What to do:
    Please note- the goal here is to look at a violation that is not limited to a single regime or government, but rather a problem that exists across many borders.
    1. Identify a specific violation of human rights.
      You may choose any topic relating to human rights, past projects have included: child soldiers, Tiananmen Square, Beijing Olympics,human trafficking, refugees, diamond mining, LBBTQ rights, and many others.
    2. Define the violation referencing the Universal Declaration
    3. Identify specific examples of the topic chosen- and if relevant, something going on now.
    4. Research the perspectives of all parties involved- both the abuser and the victims
    5. Tell the story- what happened, where, when, for how long, why
    6. What has been done to stop the abuse?  Include both local and international efforts.
    Organize your work into a presentation that includes reference to primary source documents and news articles; include sources with documents.  DO NOT go over 10 minutes!
    ** due 4 June 2012
Last Modified on May 25, 2012