• Economics research task #2—Career Planning    
    Assigned 9/10 May, due 29/30 May 2019

     Purpose:  In order to achieve your career goals, you need to plan, in advance, a method of achieving those goals.  This paper will provide you with an opportunity to practice long term planning.


    To do:

    1.       Identify a career you [a] plan to pursue    -or-


                                               [b] find interesting.


    2.  Interview someone who is currently employed in the career you have chosen.  Be sure to get the following information: 

                -what is the daily routine like for someone who does this job?

                -what roles and responsibilities are involved?

                -how many other people does one in this career work with?

                -what is the pay like              -starting pay

                                                                -pay after 5 years

                                                                -after 10, 25 years


    2.      What type of training do you need to enter this career?  NOTE:  You must get this information from whatever authority certifies people in the career area you choose—the person you interview may have entered the career when different requirements were in place.


    3.       Be specific—do you need OJT, trade school, college, etc.   Be sure to cite your sources.

    4.  Where can one find work in this profession?  Choose another place- outside NY state- to "move" to and see what jobs are available there.


    5.      Assessment-Is this a job you can continue to do for 30 years?  Will this career still be in demand, or would it be wise to have other options available?  Is there opportunity for promotion?  Is this a career you will be able to do (physically) until retirement?



    Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, 3-5 pages, 12 point print, with parenthetical notation and a works cited page.  The MLA format includes rules when citing interviews.

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