• Research task:  The Enlightenment




    To do, the "research" part:

    1.  Define the era-- when did the Enlightenment begin, when did it end.


    2.  Provide an overview-- how did the Enlightenment impact Social, Economic, Religious, and Political institutions and behaviors?  How is this reflected in what people wrote, did and made?  This is general.


    3.  Choose and research 5 specific examples--

    People, their works, their actions, and an interpretation/explanation of their


    4.  Explain the general truth contained in the specific details-- what enduring changes occurred?


    Output, the "presentation" part:

    This will be best assembled in a power point type presentation.


    1.  Intro, an opening statement:

    You will begin by preparing an introduction that establishes the context of your particular selections.  This must include the beginning and ending "turning points."


    2.  Evidence:

    Select a minimum of 3 excerpted primary source (text) documents to illuminate your specific examples.  Write and interpretation of each, including key terms and difficult vocab definitions (in context).  In addition you will include numerous visual references-- again with interpretation to illuminate significance.


    3.  Closing argument:

    This is where you reiterate the key elements of you case, teach us the important lessons contained in the specific esxamples you chose to present.


    The Topic List: 
    1. The Arts--paint, sculpt, architecture, dance, theater
    2.  Music-- movements, composers/conductors, instruments, notation
    3.  Letters-- Man, Human Nature, Fiction and Non Fiction
    4.  Politics-- Ideology/ Philosophy/practical application
    5.  Science-- what it is and what we use it for


    The Groups:

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