• Economics                                                                     assigned 22/23 April
    Research Paper #2                                                        due 9/10 May


    Purpose:  Examine current and historic data to create an economic profile of a particular state or region, explain how it fits in to the national economy, and assess prospects for future development.


    Context:  You have, due to circumstances beyond your control, been banished from New York State (I am not sure why; I will have to check on that).  You have until some date to be chosen to find a new state and city, town, or village to live in.  As an intelligent, articulate, enterprising young person, you want to be thorough in assessing your options.




    1.      Choose a state and city, town, village, hamlet, or  ville, to move to- or one you might want to move to.


    2.      Do some research- you must include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

    -climate, population, crime rate

    -types of industry, available jobs, income levels

    -cost of living (compared to here)

    -state taxes compared to NY

    -transportation available

    -local cultural activities, local history, recreation activities


    ***assume you are recently graduated from college, or discharged from the military, or have been working in a trade for five years.  In New Paltz, your salary is about $55,000; make you comparisons based on how you could live there (your new home) on the same income.


    The web site Realtor.com is useful when doing this project.  Other useful links are on the Economics Class web page


    3.      Organize your work in the form of an MLA format research paper, and be sure to cite your sources!!


    4.      Conclude with an assessment regarding whether it is advisable to move to the location that you chose, the long-term economic prospects of that region, and the standard of living one might expect to enjoy there.


    5.      No two people will be allowed to choose the same place, so clear your choice with me… TODAY


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