• People who made a difference Assigned 5/8 Feb 2016, Topics chosen by 9/10, Due on 16/17 Feb 2016
    Step 1. Identify a problem that Americans faced in the period 1870-1930; this should be a the type of problem that drew regional or national attention- for example
    Child labor, women's rights, unions, farmers, prohibition, trusts, etc.
    Choose the sort of topic that shows up in the US history textbook.
    Step 2. Identify the people and/or organization associated with making efforts to solve the problem.
    Step 3. Do research- Find out what happened, when, where, whether or not it was successful. Be sure to also come up with at least 3 relevant images, and 3 relevant text based documents that help tell the story.
    Step 4. Tell the story- describe the efforts made, the people involved, any actions taken by individuals, businesses, or government. Include any laws passed, or amendments made to the constitution. Conclude with an assessment explaining whether or not the efforts/laws/amendments were effective.
    Format: Can be a children's book, Magazine, comic book, research paper, power point presentation, or another way that you are comfortable telling the story. NEXT Class, you must have chosen the topic, and you must clear the format with me.
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