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Art Students Create Large-scale Mural at George Majestic Park

New Paltz High School (NPHS) art students Ennis Adler (Grade 9), Bella Gambino (Grade 12), Lily Brustein (Grade 12), and Cami Sahulka (Grade 11) had an amazing opportunity to paint a large-scale mural with the renowned artist Lady Pink at George Majestic Park in Gardiner recently.

Over the last month, these talented students collaborated with Lady Pink to conceptualize a design, with the final vision coming from Lily Brustein. They also had the chance to work alongside NPHS alumni Matt O'Connor and Nikola Salvestrini, both practicing artists who have a history of mural projects with Lady Pink. 🩷

Matt O'Connor started working with Lady Pink through a PIGLETS project during his senior year, and Nikola Salvestrini was part of the student group that collaborated with Lady Pink four years ago. 💫

The final mural is absolutely stunning, showcasing the incredible creativity and hard work of everyone involved!