Electric School Bus Transition Project

Help Combat Climate Change by joining the Electric School Bus Transition Project!
This 8 month project will study how a School District can convert from the current Gas and Diesel Buses to Clean Electric School Buses. School Transportation generates a significant amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions that results in increasing the average temperature on the planet, and the pollution from Gas and Diesel Buses directly impacts student health.  The project involves collecting data from the School District,  using a spreadsheet and mapping tools to analyze it from different replacement scenarios, and then presenting your findings and recommendations to the School Board. 

This project is best suited for a Junior or Sophomore who wants to learn new IT skills and help differentiate your college application and teach you some cool capabilities of spreadsheets and Google My Maps.  The project is sponsored by the New Paltz Climate Smart Communities Task Force and will be led by Mr. Joe Londa, an MIT Graduate and former Computer/Software Industry Executive, now focused on Energy Management.  We hope to get students from the various School Districts in Ulster County and have them collaborate together. 

Please email Mr Londa directly at londajm@gmail.com, and copy your parents, to express your interest in participating in the project. 

You can see Mr. Haas in room 214 if you have any questions or need more information.

Help the environment and earn community service hours!

Climate Smart Communities Task Force

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