Gesture Drawing 
    Step 1 -  Watch this video on Gesture Drawing to get an idea of how this process works.
    Step 2 - 30 Second Gesture Drawings: On a whole piece of newsprint, using a piece of vine charcoal, create a series of 6 quick Gesture drawings of the models in the photo gallery. Each pose will be displayed for 30 seconds, draw for the whole time and capture as much of the "Gesture" as you can. The newsprint was folded in such a way that you should have six working areas already set up - fill each space with your drawing, no tiny sketches.

    Step 3 -  Constant Movement Drawing: Draw each of the moving figures below for two full minutes on a full sheet of newsprint. You will need to keep your charcoal constantly moving and try to capture different parts of the repeated movement. Two sheets of newsprint should be used, a page for the balerina and a page for the martial artist.
    Step 4 -  Guided Drawing <-- this link will take you to a video where an artist will guide you through a series of 5 drawings. Please follow along (pausing if needed) and create these drawings in your sketchbook.. with a pencil. Draw no more than 2 figures per average size sketchbook page (if you have a small book - 5 by 7ish - do one per page). 
Last Modified on April 18, 2021