•     Part of America's early challenges involved how to weave together the needs of people throughout the relatively largest nation.  Economic and social interests within the nation were often based on geographic locations.  quite often one's loyalty was to region and State and not the nation.  And as the nation grew, Americans would have to face the dilemma of how slavery would expand in the world's first and largest democracy.

    Information based on Chapters 10- 12 in the textbook.
    Class Notes
    Class Activities 
    Essential Questions
    Why did most Americans identify with their region than their nation? 
    What problems did sectionalism cause? 
    How did manifest destiny impact sectional tensions? 
    Key Content
    • Sectionalism- Loyalty to one's region over the nation as a whole
    • Triangle Slave Trade
    • Middle Passage
    • Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin- How did this engineer inadvertently increase the demand for slavery?
    • Protective Tariffs
    • Tariff of Abominations- Understand the multiple perspectives on this issue
    • Nullification Crisis
    • Webster- Hayne Debate- Should States have the right to nullify unpopular federal laws?
    • Clay's Compromise Tariff
    • Gag Rule- Does ignoring an issue solve the problem?
    • Manifest Destiny- Was the desire to rule "From Atlantic to Pacific" solely terrific or were parts horrific?
    • Missouri Compromise- How was the United States dividing while trying to stay united?
    • Mexican War
    • Mexican Session
    • Abolitionists- 2015 classes chose Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman to be in the Tournament of Champions competition.  But who was overlooked and perhaps should have qualified?
    • Compromise of 1850
    • Fugitive Slave Act
    • Kansas- Nebraska Act
    • Bleeding Kansas
    • The Caning of Charles Sumner by Preston Brooks
    • Dred Scott Case- Why do many historians consider this Supreme Court decision the "point of no return"?
    • Lincoln- Douglas Debates 0f 1858
    • Presidential Election of 1860
     Birth of a Nation- The Nat Turner Story 
     12 Years a Slave
    Helpful Websites
    Youtube Video on Manifest Destiny and the Civil War- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCOco6-eK8M
    Eli Whitney Museum- http://www.eliwhitney.org/
    Middle Passage from "Amistad" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nePOpkYwjY
    Reactions to the Fugitive Slave Act- http://civilwar.bmschool.org/fsl.html 
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