•  Is it hypocritical to debate immigration policy since we are an "immigrant nation"?

                     Unit based on Chapter 13
    Class Activities

    Essential Questions
    • Why has the United States always been an attractive place to move to?
    • During the Gilded Age what challenges faced the new immigrants?
    • How did the government during the Gilded Age respond to the immigration debate?
    • Why did immigration decrease after World War One?
    • What has cause the large influx of immigrants to the USA from the World's emerging nations?
    • How should our nation use our past to develop modern immigration policy?
    Key Terms
    • Old and New Immigration
    • Push and Pull Immigration
    • Jane Addams' Settlement Houses Slideshow
    • Nativism
    • Xenophobia
    • Naturalization
    • Ghettoes- ethnic neighborhoods
    • Tenement Houses


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