• Understanding the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union (1945-1991)

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     Key Concepts
    The Domino Theory in Asia
    Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
    The Second Red Scare- How to Spot a Communist Public Service Announcement-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWeZ5SKXvj8
    The Smith Act- illegal to teach and promote un- American ideas- eventually the Supreme Court declared the law unconstitutional
    HUAC- House of Unamerican Activities Committee- led by Congressman Richard Nixon (future President)- their power was limited by a Supreme Court Case Watkins vs US after Sen.  Joseph MccArthy was censured
    McCarran Act- enacted over Truman's veto.  Communist agencies had to register with the Justice Department
    McCarthyism- http://www.ushistory.org/us/53a.asp - Helpful Timeline- a "witchunt"  for Communists...Sen MCCarthy was eventually censured
    Censured- officially being disgraced
    Execution of the Rosenbergs (The Sacco and Vanzetti of the 2nd Red Scare)
    The Soviet Union (USSR- Communist Russia) gets the Upper Hand in the 1950s
    Soviet Union Launches Sputnik- US starts to invest in space program - Increase in Math and Science classes and NASA
    Castro leads Communist Revolution in 1959
    JFK aborts Bay of Pigs invasion created by Eisenehower
    Cuban Missile Crisis- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSA7Evcy7iE- Trailer for "13 Days"- Movie about the Cuban Missile Crisis
    Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
    Establishment of the Hot Line between the white House and the Kremlin
    US Trade Embargo against Cuba (still in effect today)
    1970s and 1980s- huge influx of Cuban refugees to the USA
    The Vietnam War
    Gulf of Tonkin Incident and Resolution
    First Televised War
    Unpopular Draft- College exemption, Muhammed Ali
    Unpopular War- protests, the Weathermen, The Black Panthers, Hippies, The Tet Offensive, Nixon bombs Cambodia
    LBJ so unpopular he doesn't even run for re-election in 1968
    Long Hot Summer of 1968 - RFK and Martin luther King Jr assassinated, riots (Detroit, Chicago, Watts, etc)
    Nixon wins on promise of Vietnamization- eventual withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam
    Supreme Court Cases- Tinker v DesMoines, NY Times v US (Pentagon papers) and don't forget (Nixon v US)
    The Vietnam War in 10 Minutes:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgW0o-Ui94k
    The 1970s- Detente until USSR invades Afghanistan in 1979
    Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT)
    Nixon normalizes relations with Communist China- though US still vows to protect Taiwan from China) 
    SALT 2 signed by President Carter but rejected by the Senate (knock, knock, knock)
    1979- USSR invades Afghanistan
    The 1980s
     Star Wars- Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI program)
    Ronald Reagan, Mikael Gorbachev and the fall of the Berlin Wall: The end of the Cold War
    Gorbachev: Soviet Premier who wants to reform USSR- Glasnost; Perestroika
    Reagan- Signs INF Treaty; Demands Berlin Wall gets torn down; huge increase in defense spending
    1991- USSR collapses
      Thirteen Days
      Hidden Figures
      Rocky IV  :)
      Bridge of Spies
      Good Morning Vietnam
      Good Night and Good Luck 
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