• Welcome to Life Prep! This course is an elective for freshmen students to ease their transition into high school and provide opportunities for them to develop social-emotional, organizational, and academic skills that will help them perform successfully in their new environment.

    The class is divided into 10 week quarters. Each quarter will follow a different unit of curriculum. For quarter 1, students will be using the “Who’s Future Is It Anyway” curriculum, a transition-centered program designed to help students understand their IEP meetings, their unique learning needs, their interests and preferences, and their rights and responsibilities.

    During the second, third and fourth quarters, Life Prep will focus on establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, positive habits, organization, health and wellness, safety both online and offline, consumer awareness, financial literacy, and other skills that will help to prepare students for the next four years and beyond.

    It is crucial to maintain an open, friendly, trusting and safe environment for all students. To aid in this, we will be working with Lisa Watkins, our school social worker, to provide meaningful opportunities for students to discuss the myriad issues that they may be facing as they transition into high school.

    As this class focuses mostly on life skills, soft skills, and social-emotional growth, our curricular materials are aligned to the NYS standards for Health and the NYS standards for Career Development and Occupational Studies. Students will begin to explore potential careers and future opportunities that are aligned with their interests, preferences, abilities and skills.

    I look forward to working with all of my Life Prep students and towards creating an open, inclusive classroom that feels welcoming to all.

    Thank you,

    Lauren Whitney