• Biology Regents

    Living Environment Course Description

    Instructor: Ms Primus                             Email: rprimus@newpaltz.k12.ny.us

    Voicemail: 256-4000 ext. 69656

    Unit 1- The Process of Scientific Inquiry 

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      Lab safety

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      Laboratory equipment

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      Students will use mathematical analysis, and scientific inquiry, to answer questions, explore answers, and develop solutions to problems.

    Unit 2-  Unity and Diversity Among Living Things

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      Living things are both similar and different from each other and from nonliving things

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      Life Process

    Unit 3-The Cell -structure and function of living things

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      Cell organization in multicellular organisms

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      Atoms, molecules

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      Classification of living things 

    Unit 4- Unit 4- Immune System 

     Unit 5- Human Anatomy and Physiology 

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      Human Body Systems and Homeostasis -Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Excretory, Nervous 

    Unit 6-Taxonomy and Evolution

    Unit 7- Ecology



    Come to class on time. Be ready for class discussions.

    Daily Expectations

    Be at team meetings when your class period is to meet

    Be ready to learn

    Complete work provided on days we are not meeting

    As questions during meetings and during office hours

    No cell phone use during lesson **Please see cell phone policy & sign and return)

    Respect yourself, the teacher & others

    Cell Phone Policy:

    Place cell phones & electronic devices

    ·         Electronic devices (CD players, iPods, handheld games, mini-TVs or personal DVD players, cell phones, etc..)  should be turned off and invisible during the class period. 

    They will be placed in front of the classroom in a box. If I see or hear your phone it will be taken away: 


    1. Given a verbal warning.

    2. Conversation with parent(s)/and, or guardian(s)

    3. Referral to administration 

              Students may ask permission to use the cell phone in case of an emergency.


     *Refusal to turn over the cell phone will be treated as insubordinate behavior.


    Materials needed :

    • A Pencil, all labs will be done in pencil.

    • 3 ring binder

    • Box of tissues


    Each concept will be followed by a quiz. Each unit will have an exam at the end of it.

    Quizzes- 10-25 points

    Unit Test- 40-60 points

    Homework- 10 points

    Assessments continued:

    Classwork and class participation- 10 points

    Projects- 20- 40 points

    Labs: 10 points

    In order to be eligible for the Living Environment Regents’ in June, you must have proof of completing 1200 minutes of labs. This works out to be 20 labs. We typically complete 25 labs. Completed labs go into a lab folder that stays in the classroom. LAB FOLDERS DO NOT GO HOME. Lab reports are graded out of 10 points.

    The Regents’ exam: I suggest getting a review book at the beginning of the year and using it to review. As long as it is a ‘Living Environment” review and has topic review sections, it’ll work. Most of my exams come from old regents’ exams.  

    ABSENCES – You're responsible for making up work on days you missed! Online work is due at the end of each week (on Friday by 2:30 p.m.) 

    We will get through this together! Try your best and don’t hesitate to ask questions!


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    I ___________________________________ have read and agree to follow all of the expectations and cell phone policy in this contract. I will follow my teacher’s directions. I am aware that failure to follow these rules may result in a call home to my parent(s)/guardian (s) and that this may result in a failing grade and referral to administration.



    Student Signature                                                        Date 

    Dear Parent or Guardian: Your signature indicates that you have read these rules and cell phone policy and have instructed your child to follow these rules and procedures in the Biology classroom




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