• New Paltz Middle School 6th Grade Math Program

    September - October Unit 1: The Number System

    • Review of fraction computation
    • Rational numbers
    • Positive & negative integers 
    • Absolute value
    • Inequalities
    • The Coordinate Plane

    November - January  Unit 2: Ratios and Proportional Relationships

    • Ratios and unit rates
    • Equivalent ratios
    • Solving proportions
    • Problem solving with ratios and rates
    • Percent of a quantity as a rate per 100

    February - March Unit 3: Expressions and Equations

    • Exponents and order of operations
    • Properties of addition and multiplication
    • Algebraic expressions and equations
    April Unit 4: Geometry
    • Area of triagles, special quadrilaterals and polygons
    • Volume of rectangular prisms with fractional lengths
    • Solving real-world problems involving area, surface area, and volume


    May - June Unit 5: Statistics and Probability 

    • Representing and summarizing data
    • Measures of Central Tendency


    Grades are based on quizzes, problem solving assessments, and skills checks.

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Last Modified on June 25, 2013