• Magazine Article and Cover Page 

    We have been studying the geography of Africa and how its physical features, climate/vegetation, and natural resources affect people’s lives. In this activity you will write an article to report on how the people, of an African country of your choosing, could diversify (add variety to) their economy. In addition to writing an article about the diversification proposal, you will also design a magazine cover, using an online tool, for the magazine that will feature your article.

    Activity Handout: 
    To access a copy of the handout  with the requirements for this activity click here.
    To learn more about different countries and the foods that they have access to check out the CultureGrams database which can be accessed by clicking here. Remember if you are trying to access this database from home, you will need to log in using the username and password that can be found on the purple Electronic and Digital Resources paper that your parents received at Open House. If you cannot find this sheet, please stop by the Library for another copy.
    The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (an example of diversification):
    To see an example of how William Kamkwamba, a native Malawian, worked to bring electricity to his village in Malawi check out the page entitle The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind or click here.
    Sample Article:
    To access a sample article, as a model for how to structure your own article, click here.
    Magazine Cover Creation Tool:
    To access the web-tool to help you create your magazine cover, click here.
     A collection of videos made by students in African countries. This site has some great information about Africa:
    Some resources with information about the climate, vegetation and economies of African countries:
Last Modified on November 12, 2015