• This project is designed to be the culminating activity for our unit on Africa. Please read all of the project descriptions below before making your selection. Once you have selected your project, share your idea with a parent and have them sign off on the bottom of this page. This project will be due on Friday, November 20th. You will be provided with two days of in school research, but the majority of this project should be completed at home.  

    The four choices that you have for this project include:

    • Writing a Magazine Article and Designing a Cover Page
    • Analyzing a Intercontinental Highway Map 
    • Designing and Creating a Traditional African Mask
    • Researching and Making a Traditional African Food

    To access a copy of the Project Description Page click here

    To access additional resources and materials for each specific project, please check out the page for the project you selected.  



    African Savanna


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