Welcome to Global History and Geography 9!

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    Mr. Gill         2020--2021 School Year  

    Welcome Letter


    Course Outline

    Welcome to High School Social Studies! While taking Global 9 students will be asked to analyze and interpret historical information from the developments of the ancient world through the European Scientific Revolution.  Students will be expected to evaluate and communicate their understandings. This course is designed to not only improve the reading and writing skills of our students but their critical thinking skills as well. This is a year- long course that has been modified to meet new Common Core standards with a focus on “Enduring Issues”.  By successfully completing this course the students will be more knowledgeable about the world around them, be able to analyze and evaluate information in order to be more prepared to be an effective citizen of the world.


    Key Units to Cover

    Unit 1:  Early River Civilizations

    Unit 2:  The Classic Ancient Civilizations

    Unit 3:  Belief Systems and Society

    Unit 4:  Achievements, Expansions and Decline of Asian civilizations

    Unit 5:  The Rise of Trans- regional Trade Networks

    Unit 6:  Political Achievements of Middle Eastern and Asian Civilizations

    Unit 7:  Africa and the Americas pre 1600

    Unit 8:  The Transformation of Western Europe and Russia

    Unit 9: Renaissance, Exploration and Reformation


    Common Assessments

    There is a common Mid- Term given to all students in Global History and Geography 9 classes. The exam counts as 20% of the second quarter grade.

    There is a Final Exam given to all Global 9 students.  The exam counts for 20% of the students’ overall course grade.


    Text:  Ancient World History: Patterns of Interaction published by McDougall/Littell


    Please feel free to contact me whenever you have a question, comment or concern.



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