•        American democracy was in part founded by the Declaration of Independence.  In that document Thomas Jefferson proclaimed that the in the newly established United States of America that "all men were created equal." The place for women in American democracy had to be fought for by generations of Americans.  The obstacles and resistance that those who fought in this struggle to expand democracy was met by an even stronger sense of determination and passion to create a "more perfect union" in which "all men and women were created equal."
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    Declaration of Sentiments
    Seneca Falls Convention 
    Lucretia Mott
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    Susan B. Anthony
    Western Territories and Suffrage
    Jane Addams
    Ida Tarbell
    Muller v Oregon
    Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 
    Carrie Chapman Catt
    National American Wonen's Suffrage Association (NAWSA)
    Alice Paul
    National Women's Party
    Jeanette Rankin
    Margaret Sanger
    19th Amendment
    Frances Perkins
    "Rosie the Riveters"
    Equal Pay Act of 1963
    Affirmative Action
    Betty Friednan- "The Feminine Mystique"
    National Organization of Women (NOW)
    Gloria Steinham
    Ms. Magazine
    Title IX- 1972
    Equal Employment Opportunity Act
    Roe v Wade
    Failed Equal Right Amendment
    Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
    Geraldine Ferraro
    "Glass Ceiling"
    Hillary Clinton
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