• Welcome to Human Rights 2020 

    block 4B quarter 3

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    Course Description:

    Welcome to the course! This is a 10 week course devoted tothe study of Human Rights in a global context. We will examine the developmentof the concept of human rights and the role of the individual, the community,and government in maintaining and preserving rights. Students will gainknowledge of international laws and treaties as well as an understanding of USpolicies and responses to human rights.

    We will explore three case studies from the recent past (Cambodia, theformer Yugoslavia, and Rwanda) as well as focusing on the current humanitariancrisis in Darfur, Sudan. This course will cover material and information that challengesour understanding of the human experience and may provoke a multitude ofreactions from anger and disbelief to hope and encouragement. The course willprovide many opportunities to react to the readings, films, and studentpresentations we encounter.  The courseis most fulfilling when students participate in class discussions and we worktogether to understand global human rights and abuses in the past four decades.


    Course Requirements:

    1) Students are expected to arrive on time, prepared to discussand participate in each lesson.

    2) Each student should have a journal to record their responses to essentialquestions posed at the beginning of class. The journal will be checkedperiodically by me and handed in at the end of the course.  Students do not necessarily need to shareresponses with the class.

    3) Students will have one or more mini-research projects involving them developing a question, conducting research and presenting to the class (or writing a summary of your findings) 

    4) Students should pay closeattention to world news during the course and should be reading a nationalnewspaper or visiting the following sites for more information: www.nytimes.com, www.news.bbc.co.uk www.washingtonpost.com, www.guardian.co.uk, www.hrw.org


    Grading Policies:

    This course is offered as apass/fail option. A determination will be made based on your participation andattendance. Half  your grade will bebased on the completion of responses to readings, film, and quotes related toHuman Rights with substantial thought and care.



    Participation – 50%

    Presentation – 25%

    Final Project – 25%


    Materials for this class:

    You will need a small notebook for this course.





     Tues, Jan 28


    • Syllabus
    • What is Human Rights
    • Reading--Human Rights and the Corona Virus

    Thurs Jan 30

     Human Rights--Definitions

    • What are human rights?
    • Are they universal?
    • Are they natural or constructed? 
    • What documents define human rights? 

    Mon Feb 3

     Human Rights--Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    • Why was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Created?
    • What Rights does it contain?
    • What Rights should be added to it? 
    • Does having rights in a document determine if those rights exist or not? 

    Wed Feb 5


    Fri Feb 7


    Tues Feb 11


    Thurs Feb 13

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