• ¡Hola Español 5! 

    I hope everyone is doing well at the moment during this difficult time. I personally wish I could be in the classroom sharing and learning with my students but we will try to accomplish our material via online instead. 

    For Spanish 5, our focus is Latin American countries with a synopsis of their history, literature, and politics. We have covered thus far the Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, and Argentina.

    We will start this month with Mexico, then continue the rest of the school year with Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Paraguay. 

    All assignments will be in Google Classroom with video explanations for grammar content, I will hold Video Conferences through Google Hangouts and Google Meet to discuss literature, and I will be available throughout the day for Chat conversations through Google Hangouts to answer any questions. 

    Please use your School Email Address to communicate with me and the rest of the class. Your school email is directly linked to my directory in Google Hangouts, Classroom, and Meet. 

    If you have any questions, you may contact me at rcastro@newpaltz.k12.ny.us

    Spanish 5- Block 1A Calendar of events

    Spanish 5- Block 3B Calendar of events

    Spanish 5- Block 4B Calendar of events